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Can I use hand sanitiser on my face to avoid contracting COVID-19?

I’ve recently read articles stating that if you’re struggling to stop touching your face, use hand sanitiser to clean it throughout the day.

I’m here to plead that you don’t.

The skin on our face consists of a very sophisticated and balanced microbiome.

Microbiome is much like a community of organisms that lives on the skin’s surface. Think of it as an invisible eco-system, whose function is to help the skin maintain a good healthy condition.


A healthy skin microbiome protects against infection by inhibiting the growth of harmful, pathogenic organisms. The microbiome assists in the production of skin nutrients and essential skin lipids.

Basically, your skin microbiome makes an important contribution to the things that make your skin feel and look healthy.

To be effective, Hand Sanitiser contains 70% or more alcohol. By applying Hand Sanitiser to your face you are destroying your skin’s microbiome, which leaves it exposed to all sorts of “nasties”. In addition, such a concentration of alcohol will have a detrimental drying effect on the skin.

Please be sensible. Carry on washing your hands with hand sanitiser, as needed. Equally important is to avoid touching your face.

To assist you in refraining from touching your face, I suggest you keep your face well exfoliated, cleansed and moisturised. It is often the case that it’s dead or dry skin causing the sensation of itching, which makes you want to touch your face.


Skinlabs Direct has a range of gentle peels (exfoliator/cleanser) to slough away dead skin.

Follow by applying one of the Skinlabs Direct Serums, all of which are highly hydrating. This simple routine will keep those pesky itches at bay.

Skincare for all ages and skin conditions!


Skinlabs Direct

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