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New boys on the block (nearly)

The latest versions of four new products are about to be road tested by our loyal customer base. Emails will be sent in the next few days to customers who may like to trial the samples and provide candid feedback. With regular, recommended use, the 30ml samples will last for between 45-60days. This duration is adequate to assess skin improvements. Products containing peptides require up to 30 days to achieve optimal results.

Here are the newbies

1. Magic Moisture Mask - This product is enriched with vitamins, at peak levels, and potent moisturisers to deeply hydrate the skin and assist in healthy cellular renewal.

2. Gel Makeup Remover - The combination of non-comedogenic oils and nutrients gently clean away  the most stubborn of makeups. The gel consistency makes it easy to apply and when water is applied it becomes a milk for easy cleansing.

3. Decolletage Serum - A synergistic combination of six peptides join forces to address the neck and bust region, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The result is a plumper, firmer region and diminution of crepey skin. 

4. Daily Moisturiser SPF30 - This all-natural product has been a long time in the making. The physical block is zinc oxide only. Filming agents to boost SPF are natural oils and esters. We have not used chemical blocks to further boost SPF as we have grave reservations of the long term effects of such chemicals. They are known to create free radicals (largest contributor to the ageing process) when exposed to heat (sunshine) so the impact on one's DNA is questioned. The use of these chemicals in some parts of the world is already banned (Hawaii, Caribbean) due to their impact on aquatic life and reefs. Our product is safe to use and if you wish greater protection, simply reapply as and when necessary.

After receiving feedback, we look forward to launching these products, in final forms, later in the year.

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The Skinlabs Team

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