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As part of our range of Targeted Serums are four products which have been designed for typical age groups and typical skin care requirements for those age groups. The ageing process can be largely attributed to exposure to the sun and the resultant creation of free radicals and DNA damage. All of our Targeted Serums contain a DNA protection and repair complex.

Typical Ages 20-29yrs

Collagen production levels are high, but some wrinkles can start to appear around the eyes and cheeks, primarily due to UV exposure.

DNA-PROTECTOR 20+ is our cornerstone product and is designed to delay the ageing process by protecting DNA from free radical damage. The inclusion of a potent peptide rejuvenates fibroblasts thus retarding visible ageing. DNA PROTECTOR is truly a preventative serum in combating the ageing process. Starting early to look after your skin pays long term skin care dividends.

Typical Ages 30-39yrs

Collagen and elastin levels steadily decrease and wrinkles become deeper with the skin becoming more prone to discolouration (uneven skin tone) created by UV exposure and DNA damage.

AGE-ARREST 30+ FACE SERUM has been formulated to target fine lines and wrinkles resulting from repeated facial movements (squinting, frowning, smiling etc.) which become present from the early 30+ years of age.  AGE-ARREST 30+ FACE SERUM works by relaxing skin movements (similar to a topical Botox effect).

Typical Ages 40-49yrs

Volume loss makes sagging more noticeable. Wrinkles and skin damage are more visible and harder to treat.

AGE-ARREST 40+ FACE SERUM has been formulated to target wrinkles caused by the decreasing capacity of the skin to produce collagen and other structural proteins. The in-built DNA complex mitigates the presence of skin damage caused by UV exposure.  

Typical Mature Skin (50yrs+)

Bone and tissue volume shrinks, which can result in loose skin and a hollow appearance. The complexion can start to look dull and grey.

AGE-ARREST 50+ FACE SERUM has been developed to target normal skin problems associated with mature age, predominantly occurring at 50 years of age. The combination of four potent actives addresses skin cohesion, firmness, density and elasticity. 

For those whose skin is not typical, due to genetics or environmental exposure, we offer a customised service. Simply go to the Customised  Serum or Customised Routine heading on the Skinlabs Direct website.


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