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As we come out of Winter and into Spring, our skin is at its most vulnerable. Natural antioxidant protection, particularly from the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is at its lowest and the skin is much more susceptible to UV damage.

Vitamin D, derived from exposure to the sun, is essential to healthy DNA and our overall wellbeing. Vitamin D plays an an integral part in maintaining our immune system.

Coming out of Winter, our UV exposure should be gradual to avoid sun burn. Even after a gradual build up to UV exposure, our time in the sun should be in moderation and never in excess.

To protect the skin from excess UV exposure, we recommend the use of a physical sunscreen. Skinlabs Direct has developed our Daily Moisturiser with safe, natural ingredients to protect the skin from the sun. It contains natural zinc oxide as the physical UV barrier with our proprietary blend of plant-based waxes and vegetal oils, to not only protect, but nourish the skin at the same time. Your skin will be protected and enriched with omega fatty acids and vitamins (antioxidants). The blend is non-comedogenic to mitigate the occurrence of any outbreaks and is suitable for the most sensitive of skins.

Our Daily Moisturiser should be the last product you apply before venturing  outdoors. 


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