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Winter is the season which causes dehydrated, dry and itchy skin.

To prepare and look after your skin, during this time, we suggest you consider the following actions.

  • Avoid overheating your indoor surrounds. Indoor, non-humidified heat opens the pores and allows the loss of water from the epidermis..
  • When showering, try and avoid too much hot water contact with the face. It's better to wash the face with tepid water, over a sink.
  • Moderate your intake of coffee, tea and alcohol. They are all diuretics. Drink plenty of water.
  • Apply mild exfoliants more frequently to remove dry, dead skin.
  • Use a hydration mask more frequently to compensate for the additional trans-epidermis water loss (TEWL).
  • Before bed is the time to treat, nourish, hydrate and condition the skin.

To protect and condition your skin during the Winter, we recommend the following skin care regimen.

  • Exfoliate daily with our Gentle Lactic Acid Peel.
  • Every other night, apply our Magic Moisture Mask. With Hyaluronic Acid-4% and Niacinamide-10%. This potent hydrator and rejuvenating anti-oxidant combination provides a sound skin care base.
  • Finally, layer the Vitamin Serum and Targeted Serum most suited to you, along with our Express Eye-Lift Serum for the eye area.

 Skin care for all ages and skin conditions.

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