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Vitamin D, also known as the Sunshine Vitamin, is primarily produced on the skin by the interaction of cholesterol and UV exposure.

Nobel Prize winning chemistry has demonstrated that Vitamin D is the most potent of antioxidants (it is actually a hormone) in maintaining and indeed repairing DNA through its positive contribution to chromosomal interactions.

In recent times we have been encouraged to avoid sunshine or at least cover ourselves with sunscreens to mitigate the exposure to UVB rays. These rays are responsible for the production of vital Vitamin D and are blocked by sunscreens.

Skinlabs Direct has developed a proprietary compound, our Penumbra D Complex, which creates Vitamin D without the need to seek UV exposure.

This is a ground breaking innovation in skin care and resultant DNA integrity. Apart from contributing to our overall wellbeing, the innovative chemistry contributes to delaying the ageing process.

Initially, three of our D-Fense range of products have been designed for the face or other exposed areas of the skin, such as hands. The forth product has been formulated for the body. All of the products are designed to promote healthy DNA.

Skinlabs Direct using cutting edge chemistry to deliver skin care innovations.

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