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Most of us are familiar with vitamins in skin care products and their benefits. A lesser known, but very important antioxidant is Vitamin D. The main and usual source of Vitamin D is moderate UV exposure. However, due to various reasons many individuals demonstrate a Vitamin D deficiency. Research undertaken, leading to a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, shows that Vitamin D elongates the tips of telomeres in chromosomes. As we age, the tips of telomeres shorten, which in turn impacts the integrity of DNA and escalates the ageing process. The renewal of telomeres through Vitamin D assists in delaying the ageing process and promotes general wellbeing.   

Skinlabs Direct is reformulating its products to include Vitamin D, from plant sources, such as chicory root and irradiated, shiitake mushroom extract. This innovative approach to skin care products, along with moderate sun exposure, foods rich in Vitamin D and the practice of mindfulness, provides the balance  required for healthy DNA protection and rejuvenation.

Skin care for all ages and skin conditions.

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