Mission Statement


Not all skin was created equal. Skin is as unique as you. For the fortunate few, good genes (DNA) can be a sound foundation. However, no matter how blessed one is with good genes, environmental exposure largely determines the skin’s ongoing wellbeing.

With this in mind, SKINLABSDIRECT set out to develop skincare solutions to suit each individual’s specific skin requirements. We started by looking at specific skin conditions, when they occurred and how they could be addressed.

In doing this we identified eight of the most common skin conditions, some of which are typical of our age. This resulted in DNA 20+ for a typical 20yo, Age-Arrest 30+ for typical 30yo and so on. Other than conditions typical for an age group, we also formulated products for conditions which can arise at any age. For example Redness Relief for those suffering from Rosacea or have irritated or sensitive skin, Hydration+ for dry and flaky skin and Illumination to address hyper-pigmentation. The resultant Serums are gentle, potent and highly effective.

We then addressed how to best provide the skin with its ongoing wellbeing requirements.

We believe that a simple and complete 3-Step skincare regimen can provide all that's required for a healthy complexion.

Step 1 of the regimen starts with regularly cleansing and exfoliation. Our gentle Peels, which contain fruit acids and enzymes, effectively perform these functions for a variety of skin conditions.

Step 2 is to nourish and protect the skin from free radicals, the major contributor to the ageing process. Our Vitamin Preparations (choices of four specific deliver supreme nourishment and protection to the skin.

Step 3 is the twice daily application the Serum most suited to your age of skin condition. All of our Serums contain a built-in DNA Protect and Repair mechanism to combat and repair damage caused by excessive UV exposure, the greatest contributor to the ageing process. 

Finally, in acknowledging that there are those among us whose skin is not typical for our age or have been over-exposed to environmental conditions (UV exposure, harsh winters, blue light from excess computer usage etc), we have developed an array of potent actives to address these and other specific conditions. 

We can now offer Prescribed (Bespoke) Serums tailored to suit an individual's skincare needs. It follows many years of research, development and indeed exploration of formulation methodologies. A service of type is an Australian, if not global first, which we are so excited to offer.

We invite you to be one of the first to experience a Serum, specifically made to your skin's requirements. Furthermore we can match the Prescribed Serum to one of our Foundation Peels and Vitamin Preparations to provide you with a targeted, bespoke skincare regimen that is uniquely yours.

Simply Contact Us at the foot of this page and tell us of your skin's needs. The more details you can provide the better equipped we are to assist. We will respond to you with an obligation-free suggestion of a Serum or Regimen we believe is best suited for your specific skincare requirements.

All of our products contain organic and plant-derived ingredients and are fragrance-free, so they are suitable for the most sensitive of skin types.

Skincare for all ages and skin conditions.

All our products come in UV resistant glass bottles to ensure that the potency and efficacy of the actives are not diminished by exposure to sunlight.